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Our clients are assured that our in depth knowledge of new legislative developments such as the National Credit Act, the new Companies Act and Consumer Protection Act is applied to every litigious/collections matter. Insolvency and liquidation are an inevitable part of commercial practice and we have significant experience in representing our clients in this sphere particularly as creditors where we ensure that our clients gain the highest possible returns.

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    About Us

    VVM attorneys is a dynamic commercial law firm offering a full range of legal services to both corporate and individual clients in South Africa.
    Though our unmatched professionalism and comprehensive knowledge of the South African Business Environment, we ensure that our lawyers offer the highest caliber legal advice in every situation.
    Our innovative approach and creative business solutions are specifically tailored to guarantee that every client’s individual needs are met, and by taking the time to understand our client’s business, we ensure consistently remarkable results.
    We are a progressive law firm, constantly on the lookout for better ways to provide creative and cost effective legal and business solutions for our clients. Our approach is personal, combined with the highest professional standards.
    We have an extensive client base of major domestic corporations, banks, financial institutions and state authorities. Our wealth of experience across a wide range of industries enable us to assist you with your own unique business challenges and other strategic issues that require legal assistance. We have been in existence for more than 20 years, however,  every year, VVM breaks new ground and is a firm that offers a clear alternative to those who want more from their lawyers.

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    VVM Eco Park
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    Email: info@vvmattorneys.co.za